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Outdoor Rooms Top List of Remodeling Projects for Homeowners Staying Put


February 2, 2012      IGC Retailer / Nursery Retailer Magazine


Even as the housing market shows signs of improvement, many homeowners are staying put instead of selling - and outdoor rooms are topping their lists of remodeling projects, according to a report from U.S. News. Remodeling industry sentiment reached a five-year high in the fourth quarter, tracked by the National Association of Home Builders’ Remodeling Market Index. IGC (Independent Garden Center) retailers are ready to tap the demand as spring fast approaches. The report goes on to state: "Booming economic times led to luxury outdoor living - pricy natural stone hardscapes, gourmet grilling kitchens and major electrical upgrades. The recession may have dinged this corner of the remodeling industry, but the concept survives. In fact, investing in outdoor living spaces (and installing additional windows and doors for better inside-to-outside flow) has been a major part of even budget-minded upgrades within existing home footprints. Consumers may be scaling back their wish list, but they’re not cutting back on outdoor entertaining and family time. After all, if families are traveling less, they’re playing more at home."


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