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Our Yearly Portland, Oregon Tree-Buying Trip Is Always A Huge Success!


Since 2004, Anne’s has made annual trips

to the state of Oregon to “hand select”

grafted ornamental evergreens, and unique

flowering plants for their customers.

Oregon, known as the “State of Perfection”

, grows a larger variety of plants than any

other state. Thanks to the ideal climate,

growers are allowed to exercise their passion

for plants and grow stock in a short span of time.

Oregon has short winters, cooler summers, and

tons of rain. Top that off with rich soil, and a grower

can get a plant to size in two if not four years faster

than nurseries in other parts of the country. Over the

years on our visits we have established great friendships with many Oregon Nurserymen. Their knowledge and experiences have helped us choose plants for our customers. Whether it is a “serpentine pine”, tri-color beech, or weeping Japanese maple, you can be assured that we hand selected these plants especially with you, our customer, in mind. If you love unique plants, stop in and check out our beautiful Oregon stock. We begin shipping these plants in early March.  

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