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It seems as though nearly every big-box retailer and chain grocery store operates a part-time, seasonal garden center these days. What makes Anne's different is that we focus soley and purely on being a garden center, full time. As a result, and through our 33 years of professional experience, our products and selection are exceptional and our customer service and attention to detail are unequaled.


From a "green goods" plant perspective, you can trust us to carry the quality garden stock, perennials, annuals, shade and ornamental trees, evergreens, flowering shrubs and grafted ornamentals you're looking for and those that are perfectly suited for our northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin climate. Additionally, we also stock and sell an impressive line of other garden, lawn and landscaping products for avid gardeners and landscape contractors:



• Pottery and containers

• Turf products

• Pest and disease-control products

• Professional edging products

• Erosion control products

• Geotextiles and fabrics

• Mulch (bagged and bulk)

• Bagged stone, soils and soil amendments

• Natural stone

• Manufactured hardscape products/pavers

• Paver cleaners and sealers

• Unique garden art and gift items

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Most importantly — and unlike the "seasonal" garden centers — we fully understand the love and devotion our customers have for their gardens, landscapes and yards . . . and, as such, our passion to completely satisfy our customers is a hallmark of our business practices.

Ann & Dave Beverley

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